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by Rune Factory

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released January 20, 2011




Rune Factory Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Acceptance
why don't you realize that
I don't care about the fury in your eyes
from watching all the ones you love
follow me to hell along the tracks
against the grain and towards the train
straight to their deaths so willingly
it was their choice
the path they walk will be their fate

you are just another person
that I see on a daily basis now
showering me with their gifts of courtesy
and treating me like I'm some kind of god
I'm not your god
don't give a damn about the problems in your life
I'm not your therapist for strife

Now you come telling me your
Thoughts of knightly chivalry
Expecting me to make a change
To teach myself to be a better man
But you have failed to realize
I am content being despised
By all the ones who follow blind
Like lemmings leaping to the skies

Suddenly you find yourself
Cursing the gods for your current
Debacle struggling
Necrosis of the mind is taking so much time
But you won't take no for an answer
Keep the search until you bleed from every orifice
In time you'll find your search will have to end

Following the path of your
Distortion makes the armor of
Your argument desintigrate
Against the greatest minds of all our time
Collaborate against the squandered
Use of all expedient
And you will find our time is done
Your moral talk has made you blind
Track Name: Alone
When you're alone
Nothing is alright
Depression blinds your soul

When you're alone
You keep it to yourself
A silent cry for help

Your theory lies
You're back against the wall
Your love has gone you die

Life's flavors gone
A blanket made of death
Surrounds your vision's gaze

And if you cry
You'll hide your face from all
Your loved ones are denied

Find a safe place
Away from all who care
To keep you in your rut

And hopefully
A passerby will care
To tell you it's alright

But it's all lies
You know that no one's there
You're really all alone

Someday you'll wish
You'd sought the help you need
And now it's far too late

You never realized that I
Had been by your side
I loved you all my life

It's not too late
You can still try
Just give it all your might
I'm there for you
Track Name: Beast
Am I the master of my mind?
Am I even in control?
What's reality's domain?
Can illusion be disdain?

All my senses are now fogged,
Like a blindfold for my brain.
All the riddles you have told,
Could you really be so cold?

Across the casm of your immortality
Resides the beast you are becoming
With your pestilent disease
I will destroy you with the valor of my heart
Into the vortex I will cast you from the start

Now I see you for yourself,
Tentacles of shattered hearts.
Your unique morality,
Pose the shattered glass of tea.

In the darkness here I stand
Putrid fog from yonder sea
Nail the culprit to a cross
Like the coin you cannot toss

[chorus] X2
Track Name: Power
Let me offer you a scenario
About a man of power sitting in his chair
Made a decision, to save his world
At the cost of another's life

This man was not a volunteer
Yet offered up as bait
The answer to their problems
Was as simple as their fate
And does it make him a bad person
Sacrificed another's life
To save the others from their deaths
To play a god and choose their worth

I am the one you cannot serve
A place of power not deserved
My hands are candy-apple red

Tell me, is it right
For just one man to have
All this power in his hands
Or does every individual have
The duty to respond to an opportunity
As it presents

So maybe what, I go to hell,
I still have saved us from the cell
On board a slaver's run down ship
floating through the abyss of space
doesn't that deserve a little thanks

I suppose in the end it doesn't matter
I'm just another rock in the mountain
I'm just another leader
Who has been given a little bit too much
Track Name: Kitsch
Every day I see the people round me try to be somebody
Wanna tell the world they've got unique solutions in their body
Try to get your praise and your approval for their basic function
Got to be successful make some money for their speaker system

Pop culture celebrities they dominate the magazines
The mindless dribble muddying the waters of your clarity
And teaching us to think of them as not a personality
Pretending they're important like the pope's religious armory


But take a moment to decide
A fatal moment in the skies
Perpetuate a fallen cause
To reap the field with molten saws

Keeping what we fear is change away from every sensor is the
Only way to live your life when knowing your sincerity
They come in twos in threes in fours but all are welcome to the scores
You buy the latest album feed the fire running kitsch machine

All about the autotune to make a man into machine
They call it music lets face facts now there's a difference art and business
Money making corporal will teach us how to craft our tunes
But anyone who thinks it's not about the cash 's a crazy loon

(repeat chorus)

Even though the truth is out you won't stop buying from the system
Hate it but you love it like a evil dose of heroin you
Tune into the radio the stations playing all the pop
Now you know it's really all just kitsch prospective for the future

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Burn
Take the fort down
brick by brick
slowly burns the candle's wick
build a castle in the sky
check your pulse try not to die

Jerry-rig a broken past
redefine the cytoplast
keep in mind your faultless hell
bits of flesh cling to the flail

Now I trust you with my life
Slice your forehead with a knife
Take an oath to no prevail
Hack the face off of their quail

Preach your monologue of trust
Valor in the fading dust
Help me take his gurdle fleet
And the staples in your feet

Old experiments do rust
Like a figment in the crust
Only when it starts to sting
Can you trigger reckoning

Why the rain burns, I don't know
Hopefully it starts to snow
As the blood in every vein
Cuts on through me, and my pain

Take a look, you'll see no start
Nor an end to do us part
Point a webcam at the dark
And you'll see the lightning spark

Tearing muons with my bones
Ligaments to perfect tones
Pull the air out through my teeth
Feed the hunger the sheath

[whispered] Dinosaurs